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Linda Urban

Integrated Therapies
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Energy Healing
Sound Therapy
Clinical Aromatherapy
Spiritual Care Services


   Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field...
I will meet you there ~ Rumi

Helping you reach each your greatest possible state of well-being!

My passion, joy and life purpose have unfolded over the years in service to others by assisting them in reaching their greatest possible state of well-being through my career choices of nursing in healthcare and education (40 years), professional bodywork/massage therapy (10 years) and other complementary therapy services (15 years).

I recognize that empowering oneself to heal to one’s own greatest state of well-being takes a commitment to creating that harmonious flow of energy within their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

Through my practice, The Healing Partnership, I offer compassionate integrative touch therapy modalities as well as clinical aromatherapy and sound therapy, to assist and empower the individual to connect with their own inner physician.  Each person’s process and goals are honored in the treatment approach.

Over the past 10 years I have also been providing complementary therapy services to those in Hospice Care and their families/caregivers. In my personal journey through traumatic loss and grief, I began gently surrendering to unwrapping the gifts hidden in those experiences, and my gifts are an ability to offer an intuitive presence to those in end of life transition as well as grief/loss support to their significant others.

The sadness and grief experienced after loss can cause long-lasting imbalances in the body as they are stored in our bodies.

The integrative therapies that I offer can assist one in all aspects of healing, including unlocking and releasing grief, allowing the healing and reclaiming of one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stability.  I welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with you.